No Shame in My Body Babe!

Hi, I am Dr Alissa Knight

I have always been the psychologist who doesn’t quite fit the norm when it comes to what a psychologist should be like, speak like, act like. For one, I am far too outspoken! I come with huge amounts of energy and laughter, and I talk way too much! The stark silence approach just doesn’t do it for me. It is way too weird and uncomfortable. This doesn’t take away from my fierce dedication to all things science, evidence-based, and professional. I adhere to all guidelines. In fact, I am very by the book in that regard. But I like to weave the highest grade of  psychological evidence and research with the reality of life! Something that cannot always be dictated by a book. My view is that academic knowledge while powerfully insightful, can only give you half of the picture. Sometimes you need an understanding of “Street Smarts” to grasp the depth of a person and what they are going through. Being able to appreciate and see the world through this type of lens is what gives you that real ability to connect with people without judgement, and even more capacity to embrace diversity and equality. 

So that brings me to the purpose of my Blog ~ Ask Dr Knight

My intention with this blog is to keep it real! Give you everything I know on psychology (the stuff that actually works!)  Everyone deserves the chance to live without fear, without the weight of childhood trauma, pain, hurt, depression, anxiety, emotion dysregulation, non-stop racing thoughts, body dissatisfaction and constant dieting, perfectionist standards, and the crippling effects of a distorted social media world. There is a way out if it, and I am ready to show you how to get there. Ready .  Set  . Live!

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