Fees & Rebates

The National Australian Psychological Society Recommended Fees

  • The 2022-2023 National Australian Psychological Society (APS) recommended fees for Psychologists Australia wide is $300 for a 46–60-minute consultation.
  • Although this is recommended, I charge a little less than this price to help with costs for my clients.
  • As such, my fee is set at $225 for a 60-minute consultation.
  • This means that with a Medicare Rebate of $137.05 my clients have a current out-of-pocket expense of $87.95 per therapy session.
  • The first session is really important, so I set aside 90 minutes for this consultation.

Medicare Rebates

Medicare do offer rebates for eligible clients who see a psychologist under what is called a “Mental Health Treatment Plan”. To check whether you are eligible for rebates under a Mental Health Treatment Plan, you can visit your GP. They will discuss with you your options, and if suitable, complete a written referral form for a Mental Health Treatment Plan with me before your first appointment.

With a Mental Health Treatment Plan you will currently be able to claim back $137.05 from Medicare at each of your approved sessions. A Mental Health Treatment Plan will allow you to claim:

  • 10 individual sessions with a psychologist per calendar year; plus 
  • 10 group therapy sessions with a psychologist per calendar year.
  • 40 individual sessions with a psychologist for clients with an Eating Disorder

You will need to have your Mental Health Treatment Plan before you come to the first session with Dr Alissa Knight in order for your rebate to be processed. And your Medicare rebate will be processed electronically at the end of your consultation.

Private Health Insurance

If you are not eligible for a Mental Health Treatment Plan, then you may be able to claim Private health insurance to cover part of the cost of psychological treatment but it depends on your level of health cover and insurance policy. You can contact your private health provider to enquire what your specific rebate will be. Legally however, you cannot claim both Medicare and Private Health Rebates at the same time.



A cancellation fee of $100 will be charged in the event that an individual either does not attend their appointment without notification to our administrative manager, or does not provide us with a minimum 48 hours notice. This is put in place due to the sheer amount of individuals on the wait-list awaiting to see Dr Alissa Knight. With enough notice, a cancellation time slot can be allocated to an individual on the wait-list.

This fee will be waivered in the event the individual has a valid medical certificate. For individuals who have had to isolate due to COVID-19, face-to-face sessions can be transferred to a telehealth consult. 

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