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What Is Forensic Psychology?

Forensic psychology is a branch of psychological assessment to address legal, law enforcement and court questions with clinical expertise, most often for civil and criminal proceedings. It may also be used to assist with matters within correctional settings, for example to help the Police and rehabilitation organisations. At the Calming Suite Psychology we are thrilled to have two exceptional psychologists on our team (Jaclyn and Bianca) with profound experience in forensic psychological assessment, and in providing comprehensive reports.


Our Forensic Psychology Experts at The Calming Suite


After completing her Bachelor Psychology and Honours (first class) degree, Bachelor of Law and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice in Adelaide, Jaclyn commenced a Forensic Psychology Masters Degree in Sydney, and a Masters Clinical Psychology at Macquarie University, to combine her interests in Psychology and the Law.

She received one of the highest grades for the Honours course ‘Human Behaviour and Criminal Justice’ (90) and in her Law degree received Distinctions in ‘Medical Law and Ethics’, ‘Dispute Resolution and Ethics’, ‘Evidence and
Advocacy’, ‘Criminal Law and Procedure’, ‘Corporate Law’ and ‘Succession’. She also impressively achieved a grade equivalent of Distinctions to High Distinctions in my Forensic Masters course.

Jaclyn’s Forensic Masters Degree thesis was titled ‘Expert Knowledge Elicitation-Derived Interventions for Facial Image Comparisons and used qualitative and quantitative methods to determine ways in which Facial Examiners analyse and differentiate one face from another.

Overall, Jaclyn is an exceptional and incredibly rare Psychologist experts with backgrounds in both Clinical and Law. 


Bianca also impressively holds exceptional experience in Forensic psychology through her background training and education in Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology. 

Bianca has worked at the Legal Psychology Group Australia as a Clinical Neuropsychology Consultant, providing Forensic Neuropsychological Evaluations with emphasis and specific training on effort measures, to inform offending behaviours and relevance to sentencing. She has proficiency in providing assessments and reports with relevance to section 14 (fitness to stand trial and section 14 applications) and sentencing, under supervision of a dual-endorsed forensic psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist.

Bianca is experienced in providing expert witness evidence in court. Bianca also has experience working at the Hunter Brain Injury Service and providing Neuropsychological evaluation in a multidisciplinary Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program transitional living unit. Here she often evaluated the capacity for return to community following traumatic and acquired brain injury. She has experience evaluating patients with an array of physical injuries, along with liaise, inform, and presenting results to rehabilitation teams and rehabilitation specialists of patient outcomes to guide therapies.

What Is A Forensic Psychological Assessment?

Forensic psychological assessments are mainly used to address specific legal questions, and for rehabilitation purposes from a brain injury. A forensic psychological assessment often includes an evaluation of an individual’s historical and current presentation taking into account postulations about their future neurological and psychological functioning and accompanied needs.

Referrals often request a forensic psychology opinion regarding any an offender’s psychological state and alleged offending behaviour. Another common purpose for a forensic assessment is to assist with determining risk of reoffending and providing treatment recommendations, and for criminal or civil proceedings .

Fees For Forensic Psychological Services at The Calming Suite

At The Calming Suite Psychology we specialise in preparation of forensic  psychological and neuropsychological assessment reports for a range of purposes including:

  • Pre-sentence and Mitigation 
  • DCP Children’s Court Assessments
  • Eligibility for the Assessment Referral Court (ARC)
  • General Risk of Reoffending
  • Domestic Violence Risk Assessment
  • Violence Risk Assessment
  • Sex Offending Risk Assessment
  • Treatment Recommendations
  • Rehabilitation (Traumatic Brain Injury) 
  • Fitness to Plead Assessment
  • Capacity to Give Evidence
  • Civil Proceedings (TAC, WorkCover)


Both Bianca and Jaclyn offer further expertise in other forensic-related areas. Please feel welcome to contact us to discuss an individualised assessment based on your needs.


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