Dr Alissa Knight is a very Renewed Clinical Psychologist and Leading Expert with over 17 years of University Education, 5 University Degrees, a Researcher in Psychiatry, Psychology, Neurology and Nutrition, a Former Primary School Teacher, Dancer and accredited Dance Teacher, Yoga Instructor and a Highly Sought After Media Spokesperson for Print, TV, Radio and Podcasts. She has recently been featured in Body +Soul, WHO Magazine, Women’s Health, Balance the Grind,  Pure Health Club, Wellbeing Magazine, Bounty Parents, Channel 10, 9 and 7.

She is a Keynote Speaker and Presented at many National and International Conferences for Topics on Diet, Nutrition and the Effects on Mental Health and Ageing, Eating Disorders, and Youth Mental Health.

She Views Herself as a Clinical Psychologist Likened to a Unicorn Dancing Among a Field of Well Behaved Horses; Quite Different to the Norm. Her Highly Vibrant, Bubby Energetic and Humorous Personality Alongside her Radically Refreshing Therapeutic Approach and Personal Lived Experience has Helped 100s of Teens and Young Adults of this Modern Era Overcome Complex Mental Health Issues and go on to live Rich and Fulfilling lives.

Her Methodology Emphasises a Compassionate-based, Individualised Perspective to Healing (i.e., Rejecting the Idea every Person with the Same Mental Health Diagnosis will Respond and Resonate the Same to one Line of Therapy). She Holds the View that all People are Uniquely Individual and therefore Deserve a Therapy Experience Formulated to their Unique Needs, Desires and Goals.

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